Why Caplinked VDR is not a good option for your company

Why Caplinked VDR is not a good option for your company

The growing adoption of cloud storage technologies is fueling the growth of the virtual data room market as it is a cost-effective way to eliminate the need for physical storage, reduce document usage and reduce travel costs. Check why the Caplinked data room is not a good option in the article below.

How to choose the most reliable data room provider?

The current methodology for working with paper documents cannot be fully applied to organizing the storage of an electronic document. Therefore, the archives of electronic documents must be ready for storage of an electronic document while maintaining their legal significance for a specified period of time. If each user stores their documents on the device, this will save on data storage servers. They will be needed only to implement the transfer of documents between users.

Document management is a process that includes the preparation, approval, acceptance, transfer, and sending of documentation. In addition, it can be defined as the movement of documents from the moment of compilation to the receipt or sending them to the archive. A confidential document is a duly executed carrier of documented information containing information of limited access or use that constitutes the intellectual property of a legal or natural person.

Almost all electronic document management systems are software products for computers, but most people today prefer mobile devices, as they can be used anywhere. In terms of technical characteristics, mobile devices are not inferior to personal computers, so they can perform the same resource-intensive operations as computers. Also, almost all mobile devices have access to the Internet. This allows you to access the network from almost anywhere.

To choose the best data room provider, it is recommended to check the next aspects:

    • Accessibility: The software product must be easily accessible to all employees who need access to documents.
    • Ease of use: The system should be easy to understand and intuitive to minimize the need for employee training.
    • Cost: The cost of a document management system is also an important factor and should be compared to other systems on the market.

The most important points to consider about Caplinked software

It is difficult to come up with something more valuable for business than information. Therefore, the issues of its storage, distribution, and protection are always a priority. Caplinked refers to a secure environment in which it is convenient to store documents and securely share them with third parties. For the correct interpretation and reproduction of an electronic document, software, and hardware are required, which can become morally and physically obsolete over a long period of storage of an electronic document. As a result, such software and hardware will be unusable, and therefore the stored electronic documents will lose their suitability for use.

In Caplinked software, a firm separation of users’ access to various documents should be implemented, depending on their competence, the position they hold, and the powers assigned to them. In addition, Caplinked should be adjusted to the existing organizational and staffing structure and the enterprise’s record-keeping system, as well as integrated with existing corporate systems.

Caplinked VDR is distinguished by a simplified system for controlling and distributing access, while standard file servers accumulate a huge amount of data over the years of operation, access to which system administrators no longer have time to monitor. Finally, VDR is characterized by secure third-party access with full change control, electronic signatures, and logging of all actions on documents.


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