Managing a Team Successfully

10 Tips for Leading and Managing a Team Successfully

Being a manager is not easy – you need to regulate the whole team’s work. Your colleagues should clearly understand their rights and obligations, while the atmosphere should be warm in the group. In this article, you will find ten leadership tips.

1. “Denunciations”

Never encourage “denunciations.” Of course, only the denunciations of your employees allow you to be aware of the team’s problems, but in a small group, it will immediately become clear who gave the information to the boss.

2. Debriefing

Most of the time, the head in the field of personnel management is occupied by industrial conflicts. So learn to handle them fairly. And never leave them unattended.

3. Who owes what to whom?

And to avoid conflict over “who owes what to whom,” draw up job descriptions and distribute copies to employees. Then, state who reports to whom and in what matters at the meeting.

4. Stick or carrot?

Often, personnel management is carried out with the help of a specially designed system of material impact. Keep in mind that financial incentives always work more fruitfully than monetary penalties. If your enterprise already provides for a method of material impact on employees, then let it be “bonuses,” a bonus, an additional payment for achievements, etc.

5. M and F

The more emotional half of humanity – women, require a special attitude from the leadership. If you want your male employee to do something for you, justify the rationale for the required action. If you want an employee to carry out your order, try to make it verbally as a request. Women are more willing to show responsiveness than diligence.

6. For the benefit of the native organization …

The main role in managing a team of specialists will be played by the ability of the leader to orient everyone towards achieving a common goal. Therefore, corporate training, training seminars – any meetings to give the team a sense of unity, will benefit.

7. Stop talking!

Effectively manage staff turnover. If your enterprise’s premises allow, consider who should take what corner and who to cooperate with whom. Remember that some people work more effectively in solitude; others will wither away without a team and feel rejected in a separate office.

8. And people are all different…

Another nuance of human psychology will determine your approach to personnel management. All your employees are very different people. Everyone should be approached individually and made demands depending on his abilities. One is easier given “paper” work, others “puff” activity.

9. Gingerbread, Gingerbread, and Gingerbread again!

Spend corporate evenings, and do not forget the birthdays of employees. Remember, moral rewards (verbal recognition of significance, a diploma, a plaque of honor, another way to emphasize respect for employees’ work) are sometimes valued higher than material ones.

10. Show by example

In a new position, you need to prove yourself as a responsible and hardworking leader, not a lazy blockhead appointed by someone (I don’t want to offend anyone, but this happens). Take on a serious task, a sore problem, or a large project in which you can help yourself to show as a competent manager with the team.


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