Board Management Software to Organize a Meeting

How to Use Board Management Software to Organize a Meeting

The software for managers opens up many opportunities for the enterprise’s main managers and all its employees. First of all, it holds various meetings, for which all the necessary tools are available. In this article, you will learn about the types of sessions that can be controlled using board portals and how to organize them best.

What kind of meetings can be held using the board portal?

The conference is necessary to discuss a specific problem. Such a business meeting takes place in the format of separate speeches. The forum is a meeting of a group of specialists on a particular issue and can be concentrated in one or different (distributed form) places on a territorial basis.

  • Congresses are organized for distributors and dealers.
  • A business seminar is an educational and practical event to discuss thematic messages.
  • The presentation draws public attention to new products, the company, certain achievements, and work results.
  • A round table is organized in case of discussion of a socially significant issue that requires broad public attention. It involves the participation of experts who can objectively assess what is happening. It is also customary to invite the press to round tables to get full media coverage of all the main points of view on the problem.

Who can be given access to the meeting?

The easiest option is for all managers who should attend it. The entire management staff of the company must have access to the board portal to use it without hindrance.

Also, in large companies, such software is often used to communicate with entire enterprise departments. For example, managers of 5-6 large departments may gather during the meeting, and issues of local importance will be discussed with them.

Sometimes, with the help of board portals, even strangers can be invited to a meeting – for this, they receive invitation links. So you can organize a presentation for guests or a training event.

How to hold a meeting in the board portal?

Making a meeting with the software has never been easier. The first thing you need to do is install the board portal of your choice. Then, choose based on the functionality that interests you and your financial capabilities. It is worth noting that most manufacturers of such software offer approximately the same features. And even the lowest-priced option will be very convenient for a small company.

  1. After installing the program, register yourself and other users who will be invited to the meeting. Managers of different levels will receive their personal data to enter the account.
  2. Then make an appointment. To do this, select a moderator – a user who will manage the transaction. Invite other members. Usually, they receive system messages inside the program and a duplicate in the mail.
  3. You can discuss the issue, vote, and conclude regulations during the meeting. In addition, some documentation will be generated automatically after the completion of the event.
  4. If necessary, the board portal can take over the functions of the data room and store all the information about your meetings.

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